Doctoral Consortium

Accepted for publication in the Proceedings and presentation at the DC:

  • Alessandro Solimando. Detecting and Correcting Conservativity Principle Violations in Ontology Mappings
  • Lisa Posch. Enriching Ontologies with Encyclopedic Background Knowledge for Document Indexing
  • Mayank Kejriwal. Populating Entity Name Systems for Big Data Integration
  • Isabelle Augenstein. Joint Information Extraction from the Web using Linked Data
  • Robin Keskisärkkä. Semantic Complex Event Processing for Decision Support
  • Bianca De O. Pereira. Entity Linking with Multiple Knowledge Bases: an Ontology Modularization Approach

Accepted for presentation at the DC:

  • Martine de Vos. Interpreting environmental computational spreadsheets
  • Luis-Daniel Ibáñez. Consistency criteria for a Read/Write Web of Linked Data
  • Leandro Mendoza. A rule-based approach to address semantic accuracy problems on Linked Data
  • Anastasia Dimou. Mapping, enriching and interlinking data from heterogeneous distributed source
  • Fadi Maali. A Data-flow Language for Big RDF Data Processing
  • Yusuf Mashood. Linked Data Application Development Methodology
  • Anja Jentzsch. Profiling the Web of Data
  • Soheila Dehghanzadeh. Optimizing SPARQL Query Processing On Dynamic and Static Data Sources Based on Query Response Requirements Using Materialization
  • Frosina Koceva. A knowledge-based model for instructional design
  • Shima Zahmatkesh. Retrieval of the most relevant combinations of data published in heterogeneous distributed datasets on the Web